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Wisdom teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth develop as you age. The mouth goes through many changes like development of third molars at the age of 17 to 21. Third molars are known as wisdom teeth because they appear at a mature age. You may feel a slight discomfort as wisdom teeth develop.

Room for Wisdom Teeth to Grow

If wisdom teeth lack enough space to grow, they cause problems like being trapped in the jaw or under the gums. Hence, it is advisable to visit a Lake Elsinore dentist who will examine your wisdom teeth growth progress. The dentist will look out for signs like;

  • Wisdom teeth being in the wrong position that traps food particles to cause cavity.
  • Wisdom teeth that do not develop properly making flossing and brushing difficult.
  • Partially developed wisdom teeth that give bacteria room to access the gums and cause serious periodontal infections.
  • Wisdom teeth that lack space to develop and end up damaging neighboring teeth.
  • An impacted wisdom tooth that is likely to form a cyst that damages roots and jaw bones.

Why Wisdom Teeth may be Removed

Though important, wisdom teeth may have to be removed if you develop; pain, dental infections, tumors, cysts, tooth decay, gum diseases and if neighboring teeth are damaged. Your Lake Elsinore dentist may also recommend removal of wisdom teeth to create room for treatment with braces and other dental procedures.

Maintaining your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth must be monitored during development and after they are fully developed to ensure that you do not develop dental problems. As people age they become more prone to dental health problems that affect wisdom teeth. So, ensure that you brush the wisdom teeth properly, floss them and visit your Lake Elsinore dentist regularly for evaluation and wisdom teeth care tips.