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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings are also known as white fillings are one of the most useful components used for restoration of the natural appearance of your teeth. Dr.Eissa at Lakeside Dental in Lake Elsinore uses Tooth colored fillings to restore the natural look of your teeth that may have been decayed, damaged, broken or chipped due to an accident or natural wear and tear. It is also used for cosmetic treatments to change the shape and size of the teeth along with reducing the gap between teeth and make them look straight.

 Different types of Tooth Colored Fillings used

At Lakeside Dental we make use of the following types of tooth-colored fillings for various dental procedures: –

  • Composite resin fillings
  • Composite inlays
  • Porcelain inlays
  • Modified composite resins
  • Silicate Ionomer fillings
  • Glass ionomer fillings

In addition to tooth-colored fillings, following non-tooth colored fillings are also used: –

  • Gold Inlays
  • Dental Amalgam

Which type of Tooth Colored Filling is to be used

The cost, strength, longevity,and aesthetics vary greatly amongst different types of tooth-colored fillings.In order to decide as to which type of tooth filling is to be used for the particular dental process, the following factors are considered by Dr.Eissa and only then a decision is taken: –

  • The current condition of your teeth
  • The current location of the teeth to be treated
  • The current size of the area to be restored
  • Amount of force being exerted on the teeth during normal dental functions

Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

When you undergo a dental treatment at Lakeside Dental in Lake Elsinore, we use Tooth colored fillings for a wide range of dental procedures because of the numerous advantages offered by them.

  • Close resemblance to natural appearance and color of the tooth
  • Bonds chemically with the tooth, thus do not require any slots or grooves to hold them to the place.
  • They restore the original strength of the tooth and harden within a few seconds.
  • Controls tooth sensitivity.
  • If there is any damage caused, it can be quickly

The process of placing Tooth Colored Fillings

At Lakeside Dental, we follow the below-mentioned procedure while puttingtooth-colored fillings. This procedure may vary across the patients due to a particular condition of the teeth, but the overall process remains the same: –

  • If the decaying of the tooth has extended beyond the enamel, then numbing of the affected area is to be done.
  • The decay is removed, and the tooth is cleaned. Then a primer is applied to the affected area to open the pores in enamel.
  • A bonding agent is applied through the open pores and is cured.
  • Now the tooth colored fillingis applied inside the tooth.
  • Then the tooth is given the desired shape,and a strong curing light is used to harden the curing.
  • Necessary adjustments will be made ass required to give the final shape to the teeth.

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