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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy Lake Elsinore

Root canal therapy is applied when teeth nerves are affected by infections or decay. It entails removal of pulp, bacteria, nerves and decay in a tooth. The resulting space is then filled with medicated dental materials that restore the tooth’s functionality. Unknown to many, root canal therapy is the ideal treatment option for saving a decayed tooth that would otherwise die or have to be removed. Moreover, root canal therapy are effective and serve you for a lifetime though there are special occasions when retreatments may be required.

Signs that you need Root Canal Therapy

– A pimple or abscess on gums
– Severe toothache
– Sensitivity to cold or hot things
– Gum tenderness or swelling

When do you need Root Canal Therapy?

– Tooth decay has reached the pulp
– Abscess or infections have formed at the tooth’s inside or the tip of the roots
– Tooth trauma or injury

Getting Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can be conducted by a root canal specialist known as endodontist or a dentist. The procedure may require more than one appointment. At the beginning, the tooth is numbed and a sheet of rubber is placed around the targeted tooth to keep it dry. An access opening is created on the tooth where root canal files are placed one at a time with the aim of removing bacteria, nerve tissue and pulp. Tooth decay is removed using special dental equipment.

After the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, it is sealed with permanent fillings or temporary fillings if additional appointments are required. During the next appointment, the inside cavity and the roots are filled and sealed using special dental materials. The top opening is covered using a filling. Moreover, all teeth that undergo root canal must have a cap that protects the tooth, prevents breakage and restores its functionality.

Tooth sensitivity may be a problem once the procedure is completed. However, it resolves as the tooth heals and inflammation reduces. Regular dental check-ups and goo oral hygiene are paramount after a successful root canal therapy.