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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Oral health problems have become part and parcel of the modern life. The chances are that at a certain point in your life you will suffer from one or multiple dental health problems, that necessitate performance of special dental procedures under restorative dentistry, such as crowning or bridging. Most of these procedures tend to overlap with cosmetic procedures, as they help to improve your overall appearance. Under the expert guidance of Dr.Eissa at Lakeside Dental in Lake Elsinore, you will get the best quality restorative dentistry treatment for various conditions affecting your teeth, gum or maxillofacial portions.

 Various restorative dentistry procedures offered

Here are the most popular restorative dentistry treatments offered by Dr.Eissa at Lakeside Dental.

  • Dental Crowns

In case your teeth have been damaged, chipped or cracked due to any reason, then you must get a dental crown to cover the damaged tooth with the help of dental cement. Dr.Eissa will make sure that the color of your dental crown matches the exact color of your teeth.

  • Esthetic Fillings

At Lakeside Dental, Dr.Eissa makes sure that your damaged teeth are repaired using the latest plastic bonds that fuse with the teeth micromechanically and helps to hold it together. This will make sure that the teeth are restored as close to its natural position as possible. We do not use standard amalgam fillings as they are known to weaken the tooth and make it prone to breaking.

  • Crown and Bridgework

If required due to damage to your teeth, Dr.Eissa will install a dental bridge, that will take the place of the missing tooth and is held in its place by support from teeth on either side of the missing one. We decide on the material to be used for the construction of the dental bridge based on the function and compatibility of the tissues.

  • Air Abrasion and Micro Dentistry

At Lakeside Dental, Dr.Eissa uses the latest air abrasion technology to remove the decaying part from the tooth and restore it to its natural form. Air abrasion makes use of powdered aluminum oxide combined with air pressure to remove small cavities in the tooth and then place the filling, without any need to use needles. This technique makes sure that your tooth enamel stays intact.

  • Cosmetic Dentures

We offer the facility of customized cosmetic dentures to replace the missing teeth in your mouth. This technique helps in preserving the healthy teeth and are used in a case where several teeth need to be replaced. These dentures allow you to bite and chew properly and also give a natural look to your face.

If you live in and around Lake Elsinore and suffer from any dental problem that requires restorative dentistrytreatment, then you must get in touch with us at Lakeside Dental. Under the expert guidance of Dr.Eissa, we make sure that you are able to get proper treatment for your dental issues and continue to enjoy your healthy teeth.

We also book emergency appointments in case the problem being faced by you is severe. Just get in touch with us at the below-mentioned numbers,and we will make sure that you walk out with a healthy set of teeth. Feel free to call us for information of any kind that you may require.