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What is a Periodontist?

What is a Periodontist?

A dentist who specializes in treating soft mouth tissues and their underlying jawbones is known as a periodontist. They first graduate from dental schools and complete three extra study years in a periodontology training institutions before qualifying to be periodontists. During the three years, the dentists focus on surgical and non-surgical periodontal disease management methods.

Conditions treated by a periodontist

Periodonitists focus on preventing periodontal diseases from occurring, diagnosing jawbone and gum conditions, treating periodontitis, bone loss and gingivitis. They treat gum diseases by first identifying and addressing bacterial infections and their causes. Common conditions treated by a periodontist in Lake Elsinore are;

Mild and moderate periodontitis: when pockets between soft tissue and teeth are 4 to 6 mm apart, moderate periodontitis is diagnosed.

Gingivitis: mild gum inflammation that may cause gum pain and bleeding.

Advanced periodontitis: it is diagnosed when the pockets between soft tissues and teeth are more than 6mm apart. At this stage, bone loss may have occurred causing loss or shifting of teeth.

Missing teeth: periodontists implant prosthetic teeth if teeth are missing due to dental bone loss.

Treatments performed by periodontists

Implant placement: a periodontist anchors prosthetic teeth when a tooth or several teeth are missing to restore a patient’s natural look.

Osteoplasty: this is hard tissue re-contouring that is done after successful periodontitis treatment in order to restore a natural and beautiful smile.

Gingivoplasty: this is soft tissue re-contouring that is done to correct gum recession.

Bone grafting: bone grafting is done to add or grow bone in areas where bone loss has occurred so that a dental implant can be strongly secured.

Deep pocket cleaning: periodontists scale and root plane teeth to eliminate infection causing bacteria and debris.

Crown lengthening: it is removal of gingival tissue in order to expose more natural teeth.

A periodonitist is a highly trained and skilled dental professional who diagnoses and treats dental soft tissue and bone diseases.