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Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft tissue grafting is a dental procedures that corrects gum recession resulting from trauma, over brushing, periodontal infections and aging among others. When teeth roots are exposed, you experience sensitivity, decay becomes prevalent and appearance degrades. Soft tissue grafting aims at covering exposed the exposed teeth roots and thickening gum tissue to prevent further loss.

Types of soft tissue grafts

Free gingival graft: tissue is removed from mouth roof and stitched to the grafting site in order to ensure natural growth.

Connective tissue graft: subepithelial tissue is used to remedy large root exposure. The tissue is harvested from a small mouth flap and stitched to the grafting site. It is the ideal root exposure treatment.

Pedicle graft: pedicle graft is the sharing of tissue between the affected area and the adjacent gum. Soft tissue is cut away partially and used to cover exposed roots.

Reasons for soft tissue grafting

Boosts comfort: root exposure not only causes teeth sensitivity but also pain and discomfort. Soft tissue grafting covers the exposed roots restoring gum health and reducing tooth sensitivity.

Boosts aesthetics: gum recession is the main cause of uneven looking teeth and toothy smiles. Soft tissue grafting corrects this by re-augmenting gums to make your smile more symmetrical.

Boosts gum health: soft tissue grafting is used to stop tissue and bone loss caused by periodontal diseases and protect exposed roots from developing serious complications.

What soft tissue grafting entails

The procedure starts by cleaning above and below the gum line to remove tartar. Soft tissue grafting is performed under local anaesthesia depending on the amount of graft required. A small pocket is made at the recipient through an incision. Another small incision is made in the pocket and the graft tissue is carefully placed between the two sections. Platelet rich growth factor is applied to the area before stitching to boost healing and natural tissue growth. The area heals gradually over six weeks.