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Pocket Irrigation

Pocket Irrigation

Periodontal disease is a progressive infection that can cause serious problems like tooth loss, gum inflammation,gum and bone recession. Pocket irrigation is one of the effective periodontal treatments.  It works by cleaning plague build up in the interdental and subgingival mouth regions in a bid to stop colonization of oral bacteria.Pocket irrigation is also used to deliver antibacterial treatments to the subgingival regions.

Reasons for Pocket Irrigation

Also known as oral irrigation, pocket irrigation is a versatile dental treatment procedure that is mainly used for preventive purposes. It can be performed at home using a special oral irrigator or as part of professional dental cleaning. Benefits of pocket irrigation include;

Interdental Cleaning: pocket irrigators are effective at blasting food particles, debris and plague that collect between teeth in order to keep the gums clean, healthy and free of harmful bacteria.

Halitosis Prevention: halitosis is bad breath that is caused by tooth decay and old food particles that collect between teeth. Water jets are used to flush out food particles in areas where dental scrapers and tooth brushes cannot reach. They clean above and below the gumline.

Subgingival Cleaning: pocket irrigators have a rounded tip that does not damage the gumline during cleaning. They feature side port openings for extensive cleansing in order to flush out toxins, bacteria and particles stuck below the gumline.

Antimicrobial application: antimicrobial substances are used to eliminate and prevent harmful oral bacteria that causes periodontal infections.

Pocket irrigation treatment

Pocket irrigation is applied with other dental treatments like pocket reduction surgery and professional dental cleaning. During pocket reduction surgery, subgingival plague and tartar are removed using special root planning and scaling equipment. An oral irrigator is then used to apply an antimicrobial agent that remains in the pockets to prevent build-up of oral bacteria.

During professional deep cleaning, pocket irrigators are used to cleanse pockets after a successful root planning and scaling procedure. They are also used to apply antimicrobial agents that eliminate subgingival oral bacteria.

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