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Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a dental procedure that is carried out to boost gum tissue health or prepare the mouth for cosmetic and restorative surgery. Moreover, it can be used to correct gummy smiles where teeth are covered with too much gum tissue. Crown lengthening re-contours or reshapes gum and bone tissue to expose more natural tooth. Hence, it is a procedure that can be performed on the entire gum line, many or a single tooth to restore a beautiful smile.

Reasons for Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a common but versatile procedure that has offers numerous benefits and uses. According to Dr.KalEissa, DDS, most patients who have undertaken this dental procedure were happy with the results. Reasons for crown lengthening include;

Restoring Damaged Teeth: decay, trauma and periodontal diseases and infections cause severe teeth damage. Crown lengthening is used to prepare areas where teeth are broken below the gum line prior to a restoration procedure.

Cosmetic Uses: extra gum tissue not only makes teeth appear short but also increases risks of periodontal infections. Removal of excess gum tissue restores a healthy and balanced looks in a bid to boost aesthetic appearance.

Dental Crowns: crown lengthening is used to provide more space between the dental crown and the supporting jawbone in a bid to prevent new crowns from damaging bones and gum tissue.

What Does Crown Lengthening Entail?

Crown lengthening must be performed under local anaesthesia. The time it requires depends on the number of teeth to be worked on and whether small bone amount should be removed together with soft tissue. Note that, dental crowns must be removed before the procedure and restored immediately it is completed. Your Lake Elsinore dentist will make small incisions on the soft tissue so as to separate gum from teeth. Gum separation provides access to underlying teeth bone and roots. Even when only one tooth is being re-contoured, neighbouring teeth are treated to ensure even reshaping.

Sometimes removing a small amount of tissue offers enough exposure to place a dental crown. In other cases, dentists must remove a small amount of bone around the tooth using rotary and hand instruments. Once your Lake Elsinore dentist gains enough exposure, the wound is thoroughly cleaned with sterile water and gum tissue is stitched. The gums reposition immediately after surgery making teeth seem longer.

The surgical site must be secured with a periodontal bandage in a bid to prevent infections. Pain medication may be prescribed alongside antimicrobial mouth rinse that prevents bacteria re-colonizing. The surgical site heals completely after three months.

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