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Who Can Benefit From Orthodontics?

Who Can Benefit From Orthodontics?

Orthodontists are dental health specialists who are trained to diagnose, prevent and treat malocclusions, face and jaw region irregularities. They treat people of all ages who suffer from these problems. Malocclusion affects people of all ages and affect facial symmetry, ability to chew and speak clearly. It also causes serious physical and dental conditions like TMJ, tooth decay, digestion difficulties and periodontal infections.

Problems Treated by Orthodontists

Since orthodontists qualify as dentists prior to specializing, they can treat a wide range of dental problems as well as realign teeth. But, typical teeth irregularities treated by orthodontics include; overcrowding, overbites and underbites.

How Orthodontists Help

Orthodontists utilize dental appliances and devices to realign teeth and invigorate the smile. They rely on visual examinations, panoramic x-rays and study models to diagnose orthodontic problems. Fixed braces are used to correct severe misalignment while removable dental appliances like headgear, tooth movers, palate expanders and retainers are used to ensure teeth alignment retention, correct developmental delays and overcrowding.

Despite the dental irregularity you have, a qualified Lake Elsinore orthodontist will offer guidance and successful treatment.