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Invisalign is a dental procedure that corrects most teeth misalignments in adults and teenagers. Unlike the traditional metal braces, invisalign uses a number of clear and removable trays known as aligners to move the misaligned teeth gradually to their ideal positions. The trays are smooth, comfortable and unnoticeable. Moreover, you can remove them when eating, brushing, flossing or drinking. Hence, you do not have to deal with dietary restrictions or special cleaning techniques as is the case with traditional braces.

How to shorten your treatment time

Invisalign takes about a year to correct teeth misalignment. Each set of aligner is used for two weeks after which they are replaced with a new set of aligners. The different aligner sets ensure that your teeth move gradually until they reach the position prescribed by your Lake Elsinore dentist. You are required to visit the dentist after every 6 weeks for follow-up.

Do you require invisalign?

As aforementioned, invisalign is used to restore different bite and alignment problems that are faced by adults and teenagers. It is designed to improve smiles by making extensive or minor adjustments. Note that it is highly successful in treating widely spaced and overly crowded teeth. It is also used to resolve complex dental issues like underbites, overbites and crossbites. So, if you have any of these dental concerns, invisalign may be the solution.