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Braces for Children

Braces for Children

Though braces are commonly used by children, most children are skeptical about getting braces. Children tend to be nervous due to misinformation that installation of braces is painful. However, installation of orthodontic braces is not painful nor uncomfortable. According to the American Association or Orthodontists, children should see an orthodontist and wear braces at 7 years. However, if notable oral and facial irregularities present before age 7, an orthodontist examination may be recommended.

Causes of Teeth Misalignment

Teeth misalignment causes chewing, biting and speaking problems. Most misalignments result from developmental issues and genetic formations. However, some misalignment problems are caused by certain behaviours and habits like; finger/thumb sucking, poor nutrition, mouth breathing, poor oral hygiene and prolonged use of pacifier.

What is Involved when Children get Braces?

The Lake Elsinore orthodontist starts by examining a child’s teeth and based on the findings, panoramic x-rays, bite impressions (study models) and computer generated head and neck images may be recommended. The assessment assist the orthodontist in diagnosing the teeth irregularities problem and planning the ideal treatment mode. In most cases, orthodontists recommend fixed braces for children because they are not removed at will and cannot get lost easily.

Orthodontist Appliances for Children

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are brackets that are fixed to teeth and connected using an archwire. They are made of synthetics, ceramics or metal. After the braces are installed, they are adjusted regularly by the orthodontist.


Headgears are ideal for treating developmental teeth irregularities. They are custom made dental appliances that are attached to a wire are used to aid tooth movement. For good results, they must be worn 12 to 20 hours daily.


Retainers are used in the third teeth alignment treatment phase known as the retention phase. Once the original malocclusion is treated with orthodontic braces, retainers are used to ensure that teeth do not regress to the misalignment position.Retainers help in stabilizing the jawbone.