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Braces for Adult

Braces for Adults

For years, orthodontic braces were used by teenagers. But, adults are now using them to correct malocclusions and to straighten teeth. This is because, orthodontic braces are versatile and successful at re-aligning teeth to restore an almost perfect dental formulae. Though braces serve a similar purpose among patients of all ages, the required treatment time is less among teenagers undergoing jaw growth and have not suffered from any gum diseases.

Do adults benefit from orthodontic braces?

Misaligned and crooked teeth are unsightly and are a cause of low self-esteem and self-confidence among adults. Additionally, they cause chewing and biting difficulties. Teeth straightening offers numerous dental and health benefits that include;

  • Reduce risk of teeth decay
  • Reduces risk of developing periodontal infections
  • Decreases onset of digestive disorders
  • Eliminates likelihood of teeth injuries

Orthodontic braces are modified to ensure that they are more convenient for adults. There are numerous removable and fixed adult orthodontic braces that are designed to correct different malocclusion classifications. Underbite and overcrowding are the most common malocclusion classifications among adults.

Your Lake Elsinore orthodontists will recommend treatment of any tooth decay, excess plaque and gum diseases prior to offering any orthodontic treatment because braces can worsen these conditions.

Types of orthodontic braces

Traditional braces

Traditional braces are strong and do not stain teeth. They are individual braces that are cemented to teeth and supported by an archwire that asserts pressure on the teeth. They are mainly metallic but are also available in tooth colored ceramics and synthetic materials. Ceramic braces are more comfortable but are easilydiscolored by wine, coffee and smoking.


Inisalign aligners are removable and quite invisible. They are clear trays that are worn for predetermined hours per day. They are costly but less obstructive and more comfortable as compared to traditional braces.

Ingual braces

They are metal and are fixed on the teeth tongue side to ensure that they are invisible when smiling. They are costly and can sometimes interfere with normal speech.