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Orthodontics is a dentistry branch that specializes in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of face, jaw or bite irregularities. Orthodontic treatment is offered by a qualified oral health practitioner known as an orthodontist. To qualify as an orthodontist, a dentist must complete two or three additional training years beyond dental school. The need by people to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile has led to an increased demand of orthodontic specialists. Orthodontists are highly sort after for cosmetic reasons.

Malocclusion is a term used to refer to bite irregularities or teeth that do not fit appropriately. Hence, it not only affects teeth, the dental formation but also the face structure and appearance. Note that, most malocclusion cases are genetic while others are caused by acquired habits like tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. Additionally, the spaces that are left after tooth extraction in adults or tooth loss in children also contributes to malocclusion. Fortunately, orthodontists are qualified to deal with a myriad of dental formation irregularities like malocclusion that can be corrected. Orthodontists rely on traditional braces and custom made removable dental appliances to restore healthy and beautiful smiles.

So, if you have a bite, face or jaw irregularity, contact our Lake Elsinore orthodontists for assistance.