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General Dentistry


We deliver the highest quality of patient care through patient education, dental treatment, preventive programs, and personalized dental maintenance. We offer the general dental services designed to keep you as healthy as possible.


  • Dental exam, x-rays, and dental cleanings
  • Root canals, fillings, and extractions
  • Cosmetic dentistry like composite filling, dental filling, porcelain inlays, teeth whitening, and composite veneers.
  • Implants placement and restoration
  • Crown, bridges, full and partial dentures
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral surgery
  • Preventive care and counseling

Our general dentistry services will ensure regular checkups, routine cleanings, periodontal therapy, dental surgery and replacement. We offer a complete and thorough oral examination. At Lakeview Dental we are committed to providing our patients with outstanding dental care in a suitable environment. Our team has experienced professionals doing the job in preventative care, cosmetic treatments, orthodontics, and restorative procedures


Our unique dental service will help decrease the cases of gum problems in adults. We provide our patients with all-inclusive oral care; no matter what is your dental issue. Our dental treatment plans help prevent more serious and complicated dental and health issues.

Restoration might be required even if proper preventive measures have been taken. It is important to know the causing issue at hand and we use an all-encompassing approach to determine what might be going on. We educate the patients about the potential risks factors and benefits of the disease process.