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Emergency Dentistry

Good dental health is essential for the overall well being on your body. But as we all know that your teeth or total dental wellbeingare prone to various emergencies that require immediate medical attention. This is where Lakeview Dental comes to your rescue with our emergency dentistry services in Lake Elsinore.

Although we always try our best to accommodate your emergency dentistry requirements, it is advisable that an advanced intimation is sent to us, so that we can make the necessary arrangements. You must know that any injuries to your teeth and gums can result insevere complications in no time, so you must immediately seek an appointment with Dr.Eissa at Lakeview Dental.

Here is some recommendation for you to manage the dental emergency till you get proper medical attention from our emergency dentistry team.

  • Acute Pain

Acute pain in your teeth can result in severe inconvenience and possibly sleepless nights. There could be numerous causes behind the acute pain such as broken teeth, lost filling or an infection. The exactreason can only be found out Dr.Eissa after thorough investigation only.

In the meantime, you must apply ice to the affected area after regular intervals to manage the pain or take a painkiller only if it is an absolute emergency.

  • Lost Filling

Sometimes, you will feel severe pain in your teeth, if you lose the filling in your cavities. You must contact Lakeview Dental and book an appointment with Dr.Eissa to take care of the emergency. In the meanwhile, you should dip a small cotton swab in clove oil and stuff in the affected area and apply an ice pack from the outside to manage the pain. If you manage to find the lost filling, keep it safe and bring it with you to the clinic.

  • Knocked out teeth

If due to an accident, your teeth get knocked out then you have max. 2 hours during which the same teeth can be re-implanted. But in order to be sure, you need to consult your dentist. Book an appointment with Dr.Eissa at Lakeview Dental for emergency dentistry treatment. In the meanwhile, you must use warm water with a little salt and rinse your mouth thoroughly. Take a cloth and hold it firmly against the affected area to stop the bleeding.

  • Broken Tooth

Your tooth can break down due to an accident or fall down. It is an emergency situation,and you must seek an appointment with Lakeview Dental Clinic and seek an emergency dentistry treatment from Dr.Eissa. In the meanwhile place the broken tooth in a container filled with milk and water and hold a pack of ice over the affected area.

If you are facing any of the above situations or any other dental emergency, then get in touch with Lakeview Dental and book an appointment with Dr.Eissa to get proper treatment for your ailment. Contact us on the following numbers to book an appointment: (951) 674-8707