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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening at Lakeview Dental

Teeth whitening also known as tooth bleaching, is a non-invasive and simple dental treatment procedure that changes teeth enamel color in a bid to enhance beauty when you smile. Whiter teeth are an aesthetic concern for most dental patients. Therefore, dental researchers have come up with numerous teeth whitening methods. However, teeth whitening techniques only work on natural enamels. Hence, you may have to change restorations to match the new white teeth color.

You may require Teeth Whitening if you have;

  • Stained teeth restoring for previous medication
  • Normal wear of outer layer of the teeth
  • Brown or yellow stained teeth

What does teeth whitening entail?

The tooth whitening discussed here requires two dental visits. During the initial appointment, teeth impressions are made create custom and clear plastic trays. During the second appointment, you fit the trays and the dentist makes necessary adjustments. You are then required to wear the trays with a special whitening solution for a number of weeks base on the desired level of whitens and the degree of stains on the teeth. You may experience sensitivity during the teeth whitening exercise but it subsides after the bleaching ceases.

Lake Elsinore dental offers advise on how to use the whitening trays and maintain the level of whitening you desire to have.