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Home Care

Dental Home Care 

Doctor Kal Eissa aims at restoring a beautiful and healthy smile when treating patients. However, this cannot be achieved without absolute personal dental home care. Dental home care starts by eating the right foods, a balanced diet, reducing the amount of snacks and sugars you eat and correctly utilizing the different dental aids that control bacteria and plague responsible for numerous dental diseases.

Brushing the Teeth

It is advisable to brush the teeth at least twice daily and especially before bedtime. Use an ADA approved tooth paste and tooth brush with soft bristles. Place the toothbrush at a 45 degrees angle and brush the teeth gently using small, circular motions that massage the gums. Repeat this on the outer, inner and teeth biting surfaces. Clean the inside of front teeth using the tip of the brush. Brush the tongue to eliminate bacteria and ensure fresh breath.

Note that, Doctor Kal may recommend electric toothbrushes in some particular cases, such as with small children, or those with limited range in motion. Electric toothbrushes may be easier to use. You place them on your gums and teeth and let them do their job by cleaning several teeth at a time.


Flossing is ideal for cleaning under the gum line and between teeth. It also disrupts plague colonies and prevents them from building up. Use 12 to 16 inches of dental floss and wrap it around the middle fingers and leave 2 inches of the floss between the fingers. Using a sawing motion, insert the 2 inches floss between teeth. Using your fingers, curve the dental floss into a C shape around every tooth and under the gum line. Move the floss up and down gently and ensure that you clean every each tooth thoroughly. If you cannot use conventional floss effectively your dentist may recommend floss holders.

Rinsing the Mouth

Though most people know about that it is essential to rinse the mouth after brushing, very few know that they should rinse the mouth after meals especially if they will not be brushing immediately. You can rinse with clean water but some people prefer to use over the counter products. Your dentist should recommend the right over the counter products for your dental health needs.

To ensure absolute dental health, use other dental aides that the professionals at Lakeview Dental may recommend like; rubber tip stimulators, interdental brushes, irrigation devices, tongue cleaners and medicated rinses among others.