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Dental X Rays

Dental X-Rays Lake Elsinore

Dental x-rays/ radiographs are classified as diagnostic tools that are used to provide valuable dental health information that is missed during regular dental exams. Hence, they are used by qualified Lake Elsinore dentists and dental hygienists to accurately and safely detect hidden dental health abnormalities before designing accurate dental health treatment plans. Dental x-rays are used to reveal; bone loss, decay, cysts or abscesses, tumors, problems below the gum line or inside a tooth, teeth developmental abnormalities, poor root and tooth positions.

Safety of Dental X-Rays

It is acceptable for patients to question the safety of dental x-rays. However, the radiation exposure that a person receives during dental x-ray is equivalent to the natural radiation they receive daily. Meaning that dental x-rays utilize low level radiation and are therefore considered safe. Nonetheless, dentists take precautions to reduce a patient’s exposure to x-ray radiations. The precautions include; using fast films that reduce x-ray exposure time and using lead aprons shields to protect the body.

Should you take Dental X-Rays often?

The regularity of dental x-rays is determined by your dental health requirements. Your Lake Elsinore dentist or dental hygienist will recommend dental x-ray based on your dental history and examination findings. However, most dentists recommend full mouth dental x-ray series for new patients. A full series dental x-ray is utilized for three to five years. X-rays of the top and bottom teeth biting together known as bite-wing x-rays may be taken during dental check-ups in bid to detect new dental health problems. They are taken at least once or twice per year.